Memorial stele

The idea for the stele came in connection with a visit from the descendants of the lawyer Dr Bruno Stern. Until 1938, Stern had a well-known and respected lawyer’s office together with his cousin and partner, Dr Gerson Haas, at Kaiserstrasse 29.

Both families fortunately survived the Holocaust. This means that they could not be included in the type of memorial which exists for the citizens of Würzburg who were deported and murdered. Nor was the busy city street suitable for an individual memorial plaque on the building.

The purpose of the stele is to remember the Jewish owners of shops, businesses, doctors’ and lawyers’ offices and to restore their memory to their street and their city. It offers the opportunity to show those who had businesses here as an integral element in the history of the street.

The stele has a map of the street with the number of each building. The names of the shops and their Jewish owners are listed next to the number, symbols show the type of business. The information is based on the 1930 Würzburg Address Book, giving the status quo in 1929.

The dates showing how long the businesses in Kaiserstrasse existed illustrates how systematically and thoroughly the Nazi regime implemented its policy of expulsion. The last firms owned by Jews in Kaiserstrasse were forced to close in 1938.

The QR code on the stele can be used to access information about the firms and their owners.