“We want to remember” is the motto which was chosen in 2010 to commemorate the Jewish victims of the deportations from Würzburg and Lower Franconia between 1941 and 1944, all but one of which started in Würzburg. Nearly 1,500 of those deported had to assemble at “Platz’scher Garten”, then a dance hall, which is located at what is now Friedrich-Ebert-Ring. From there they walked with their baggage, under strict observation by the police, to the freight train station “Aumühle” from where they were transported to the extermination camps.

“The Way of Remembrance” follows this route. It begins at a memorial created by the Benedictine priest Meinrad Dufner in 2010 at the place where the Jews of Lower Franconia had to gather before they were deported and murdered. The stele beside the memorial shows the photograph of the entrance area depicting the situation before the deportations which inspired the artist in his design.  

The whole route along Martin-Luther-Straße and Schweinfurter Straße leading to the approach to the former freight area is marked with paving stones in the form of railway sleepers engraved with the words “Wir wollen erinnern” (“We want to remember”). A stele including a photograph, an inscription and a QR code for further information, is put up next to each of these stones.

There is no longer any direct access to the area of the freight train station via Schweinfurter Straße. There is, however, an entrance from Nürnberger Straße, across from Äußere Aumühle. It’s here that the “Walk of Remembrance” ended in 2011 with an impressive ceremony at the place where the deportees boarded the trains.

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